Who am I?

Currently, a MA Media and Creative Cultures student at the University of Greenwich

I always felt fascinated by literature, sociology, and foreign languages. I am bilingual, Romanian and English. Media combines all my interests, from researching a topic, managing the development of the project itself to reporting the results to an audience.
Being a third-year student of the BA Media and Communications course at the University of Greenwich in London, I experienced and developed my skills over the years.
My current goal is to finish the MA Media and Creative Cultures. The fact that I can blend the critical analysis of modern media with the actual creation and curation is ideal for me. As a people-person, I find the cultural studies, digital innovations, and political science exciting to write about and debate on. It is amazing how this course encourages students to refine their knowledge, challenge their creativity and improve their skills.

I worked in the sales and hospitality industries, but I felt the most in my comfort zone when I was a freelance writer for a couple of months, and then when I worked as a columnist at a local newspaper in Romania. 
I also love to exercise, bake and fish and lose my mind in a 400-page book on the couch on a free day.