Is it about the people or the money?

Unfortunately, politicians have a great amount of power over what happens in a country. The real issues are overshadowed by the personal interests of the people involved, while the only ones hurt at the end of the day are the citizens.

While I was working as a columnist for the Ziarul Teleormanul in Alexandria, Romania, I went to numerous press conferences and official meetings of the most important authorities in the county. I can say that there are some people who deserve their place and think about the people, while some are there just for their own interests.

The article below is the English version (translated by me) of the Romanian article that I wrote on this topic. At the end of it, there is the original version as well.

Council meeting with a nuance of an electoral campaign

"Here, we're like at the circus. It's baloney. We are arguing with each other over nothing" are the words of Florica Mara, liberal county councilor, that also represent the summary of the ordinary meeting of The Teleorman County Council on 26th August.

The meeting was held in both versions, both physically and online. Unusually, almost half of the draft resolutions on the agenda were not adopted. Although the county councilors argued their decisions, sometimes the reasons seemed based on the differences between the parties, but not on the interests of the citizens of Teleorman. Of the 15 draft resolutions on the agenda, fewer than three were adopted unanimously.

The unsolvable subject of the Olteni Care and Assistance Center

The first draft decision on the agenda was on "the agreement of Teleorman County Council for carrying out works on the building located in Olteni commune, public property of Teleorman County". Being a subject debated very often during the council meetings since the discovery of the problems faced by the people from the Olteni Care and Assistance Center, this time there were interpellations of the councilors too, the most vocal, within the entire meeting, being Florin Titirisca, the liberal county councilor.

Thus, Florin Titirisca loudly demanded the honorary dismissal of the management of the Olteni Center, stating that

"what happens is miserable", expressing, at the same time, his agreement to set up a new center, not to give a "mockery of several hundred million" on the current building.

After this interpellation of the liberal county councilor, the tension increased both in the room and in the online environment, being an exchange of ironic replies between the one who made the interpellation, Adrian Gadea, the president of the CJT, Adrian Florescu, the vice-president of the CJT, Eugen Vlad and Florea Voicila, social-democratic county councilors, but also Dan Popescu, liberal county councilor. In the end, after minutes of attacking replies that were more about the people there and the parties than to seek the solution of the real problem in Olteni, the draft was not adopted.

Tensions over the subject of the fence worth 300,000 lei at the Poroschia Psychiatric Hospital

Further, another subject that warmed the spirits in the conference room was the sum of the draft decision on "the agreement of the Teleorman County Council for carrying out works at the building of the Poroschia Psychiatric Hospital, public property of Teleorman County".

The interpellation was made, as in the case of all the other unapproved projects, by Florin Titirisca because it was not

"clarified why when my colleague, Raluca, wanted to make a project for children (...) with school supplies, you refused, and for a fence you want us to approve almost five billion lei", addressing directly to Adrian Gadea, president of the CJT.

Finally, after minutes of discussing the amount, as well as whether 300,000 lei are needed for the fence at the Poroschia Psychiatric Hospital, the conclusion was, in this case too, that the project was not adopted.

Heated discussion on the topic of contesting the public offices in the county

Moreover, from an interpellation of Florin Titiriaca to the draft decision on the position of manager at the ‘Marin Preda’ Teleorman County Library, through which he expresses his opinion on the lack of transparency of the CJT regarding the public positions, because "you want any person to have that position for life, because they are always the same people", started a real exchange of ironic lines between Adrian Gadea, the president of the CJT, and Raluca Fedeles, the vice-president.

Following the president's statements that he did not prevent any person from registering for the contest, Raluca Fedeles told him, referring to him directly, that

"we do not remove the posts to the contest; we bring our loved ones in".

© Ședință cu iz de campanie electorală în Consiliul Județean Teleorman – Ziarul Teleormanul

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